Ways To Wear: Summer Clothes In The Winter

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Dress: c/o Surgarlips Scarf: Gap (similar) / Sunglasses: Local boutique (similar) 

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Who are you guys rooting for? I'll be cheering on Baltimore because their quarterback went to UD. Go Flacco! So it looks like Mr. Punxsutawney Phil is predicting an early spring even though we've been having the coldest winter in years. I sure hope that little groundhog is right! It's always this time of year when I start to really hate winter. I've never liked winter to begin with and it's like once February hits I just can't bear another day of wearing numerous layers with tall boots. Shopping around this time is also tricky and somewhat torturous. All the new spring collections are rolling out and you're like "Um, yes I must have this perfect little sheer peach chiffon sundress!" And then you remember it's 25 degrees outside, your skin tone at the moment is practically translucent and if you purchase that sundress it won't see any action for another 3 months. Plus, you should really be saving that money for your groceries and your date with Taco Bell in a few hours.

At least that's how my shopping trip went last weekend. So I decided I'm just going to put myself on a bit of shopping freeze for a few weeks (hopefully) and work with what I've got. I've been really bored with my winter clothes lately so I decided to challenge myself to recreate some of my summer outfits for the current winter temps.
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Some of you might remember this stripe-y little dress from my collab with Sugarlips. It's obviously a very summery dress: lightweight, lacy and the perfect neutral color to compliment your sun kissed skin. To make this dress wearable for right now, I layered a dark sweater over top of it, mainly for the warmth factor. (Wearing sweaters over dresses is one of my favorite things to do, you should really give it a go.) I liked the idea of contrasting the dress with darker colors to make it look less out of season. I didn't want to be too boring though so I added the purple scarf and pink loafers for a little pop of color. The key here is definitely making sure your color scheme doesn't scream spring/summer. If you have floral/pastel/neon dress you want to wear right now, make sure you're pairing it with winter items that are more subdued and darker to offset that. This outfit from Atlantic-Pacific is a perfect example.
style tab
ways to wear summer clothes in the winter, style tab, style advice, how to wear, summer clothes in the winter, shorts with tights, layering
Top: Forever 21 / Scarf: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Tights: Kohl's (similar)/ Boots: DSW 

I got snapped in this outfit while capturing street styles outside of Lincoln Center this past NYFW. These shorts are one of my favorite thrift store finds and are actually great for transitioning seasons since the main color is on the darker side. Making this outfit work for winter is all about layers. Adding winter accessories like knee socks, scarves and gloves will make your summer look more appropriate for a snowy day. Also, never underestimate the power of a chunky cardigan; you'll be cozy warm and they work with practically any kind of top.
winter layers on style tab
ways to wear summer clothes in the winter, style tab, style advice, how to wear, summer clothes in the winter, leopard print beret,
Necklace: Chloe + Isabel / Blazer: H&M / Booties: Dolce Vita (similar) / Top: Forever 21 

Over the summer Yoplait had a contest to see who could style the best outfit inspired by their yogurt flavors and I decided to go with Orange Creme. I know a lot of people still consider white a big no-no after Labor Day, but I think that rule is pretty silly and outdated. Like the other two examples, adding winter appropriate colors/accessories is what really helps transition this look. Instead of opting for tights I went with thicker leggings for added warmth. The skirt is actually a pair of vintage tennis shorts so the material is very thin! I also added furry leopard beret to top this look off for an unexpected pop of print.

leopard print beret on style tab


  1. such a smart post! i wish i'd been a better blogger last summer so i could remix those looks. it's been pretty warm in Austin anyway, so i've just been wearing my year-round outfits with a light jacket in the morning.
    either way, you've inspired a printed shorts and tights look in me!

    1. thanks lady! shorts with tights is a win-win in my opinion! I must say, I'm very jealous of your geographical location right now - Boston's getting hit with most likely a foot of snow this weekend! :O

  2. Great post! I love layering up my own Summer clothes in the Winter, I'm always surprised at how versatile some pieces are :) Congrats on the LALM mention xoxo

  3. such an interesting post...i love it...very creative and inspiring
    i am following you guys hope you return the love and follow me back too
    love Vikee

  4. This is what I call the power of layering and recycling your wardrobe.

    1. Right?! It's amazing what you can do with your entire wardrobe and a little creativity. :)

  5. Great post - makes me want to go back through the summer section of my closet and see what I can play with this week...
    Congrats on the LALM selection!


    1. Thank you devon! I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with :)

  6. I love this post! I am all about making your clothes work in as many ways as possible! I have been wanting to do a white dress and black tights (but have yet to find time to play with it). Your first look is my favorite and I love the scarf!

  7. great mashups :) i love this so much! inspirational to go into my summer wardrobe and match it with some tights and sweaters xx

  8. I was looking this kind of post from long..very beautiful Very Very clothing dress... Thanks for sharing..God bless!!

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  10. WOW! you are looking fabulous. The best part in winter is, you can wear dark bright colors. And the colors you wore are so awesome.