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Happy Sunday! So, I'm just going to cut right to the chase. Are you sick of chevron or still obsessed? Obviously, I'm still obsessed and probably always will be. The other day I was looking over some products at work and happened to stumble upon a pillow called the "Katherine Pillow" and you know what kind of pillow it was? Yup, pink chevron. I looked at it and decided it was fate. That was totally me in pillow form. Plus the fact that the name was spelled like mine just made me love it even more. (Katherine's are not commonly spelled this way if you're wondering why I would get excited over such a minor detail)

Whether you love or hate it, I think chevron is here to stay, my friends. At least for another season or two. However, the big, in-your-face version has been severely played out in the fashion and interior design worlds. I think the next phase of chevron's trend life will be thinner and more organic looking. Think differentiated sizes of the zig zags that look hand drawn and a little imperfect. Believe it or not I bought this skinny chevron skirt from H&M almost four years ago. I've always loved that it had a bold print, but it was too bold. It could be the main actor of my outfit or play a supporting role. (It's movie awards season, please excuse my terrible play on words these next few weeks)

Do you think chevron will stick around for spring or is it on its way out?
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The Look:
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Forever 21 (similar)
Flats: Nine West (similar)
Cuff: The Fashion Truck (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
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Oh yea, this is me... in pillow form...


  1. i love these photos! that purple-y fuchsia is perfect on you. as for whether or not chevron will die out, i was just having the same thought about chambray. i literally can't imagine life without it and i'll probably be buried in it. you rock out that chevron still you can't stand it anymore, girlfriend.

  2. i like the skirt. and the pop of color with your tights!


  3. Amazing look amazing
    i am following you hope you follow back
    love Vikee

  4. Adorable! I hope chevron sticks around a little longer.

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    Au Revoir
    Mona Elissa

  5. These photos are so cute and I love the skirt! That first picture with the light from the train is pretty epic. :)