Designer Spotlight: INVERTED COMMAS

Hey everyone! Today I'd like to introduce to you INVERTED COMMAS! Founded in Florence Italy in the fall of 2011, INVERTED COMMAS is a tote bag line featuring unique illustrations by its designer/creative director. Like what you see? Enter here for a chance to win the Giraffe Boy & Elephant Girl bag (my favorite). You can also purchase them on Etsy! Be sure to check out their Tumblr & Twitter pages, too!  

Style Tab: How did INVERTED COMMAS come to fruition?

INVERTED COMMAS: The INVERTED COMMAS concept was born like last spring, but it was a while I wanted to work on a project which involved art and/or fashion or anything that would be made by me. I wanted art to be more mainstream and less élite, if possibile, so I thought some canvas tote bags, with my illustrations, could be a nice solution, since you can use those bags for daily use like shopping, to bring your own stuff to work or to school, or just to add an unconventional piece to your outfit! Once I decided the main focus, I took my time to make everything real.

ST: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

IC: Since my childhood I've been drawing and painting. Art has always been a great part of my (every day) life. So I thought of those tote bags like little white canvas where I can share my own world. Most of the designs are adaptions of my previous painting or sketches.

ST: What's the best advice you've ever received?

IC: Lots of my friends told me to be patient! Because it takes time for a brand to have attention and to become successful. That's what I'm trying to do, enjoying INVERTED COMMAS.

ST: Who are your favorite designers?

IC: Vivienne Westwood. She’s wonderfully crazy and creative. I love the fact that she started her career with a very open attitude. She wanted to try new things, to spread and share some ideas, and she made some fashion statements that live till now.  She balances being a woman, an artist, a business woman and it's something I like about her. Beside this, I’m always amazed by her creations. Sometimes she goes over the line, but I love her even for this. 

ST: What's your favorite part of having your own line?

IC: Well...just the fact that is my *own* line it's something quite special. It's like having your own creature, your own baby and you're looking forward to watch it grow. Then, it's very grateful to see how people is responding, they appreciate my work, and above all it's great to see stylish people actually wearing my tote bags, it's a feeling hard to explain, but that totally makes my day and makes me feel very proud.

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