Style Scenario: Glitz & Glam

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Today wraps up the final installment of the Style Scenario series! And I must say, we're going out with a (glamorous) bang. Last week, we discussed what to wear to a family gathering and this week we're putting on the glitz! Santa's big day is rapidly approaching, but us bloggers are already outfit planning for 2014's last hurrah. My favorite part of New Year's Eve is getting dressed up in something bold, bright and/or shiny. In past years, I've always opted for sequins, but this year I'm experimenting with this Grecian metallic maxi dress from Forever 21. The draped silhouette paired with the daring slit makes this the most comfortable evening dress I think I've ever owned.

Sweatpants Chic

Sweatpants chic, boston fashion blogger
Sweatpants: Marshalls Sweater: H&M Flats: South Moon Under Necklace: No Rest for Bridget Bag: Vintage
Happy Monday! I don't know about you guys, but this consistent cold weather has gravitating toward sweatpants over and over again. Thankfully, we live in a world where you can now get away with wearing "joggers" outside the confides of your living room. I picked up this forest pair from Marshalls a few weeks ago and I can't stop wearing them. The slightly tailored silhouette paired with the quilted stitching and zippers give these comfy pants an extra bit of edge (which you need when you're gonna wear sweatpants as pants in public).

Style Scenario: Family Gathering

Style Scenario Family Gathering
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Happy Tuesday! The Style Scenario ladies and I are back for another round of holiday dressing! Last week we discussed the office holiday party and this week it's all what to wear to your family gathering. My family always has two separate gatherings - one with my mom's side and one with my dad's. I usually get pretty fancy for both of them because....carpe diem.

H&M Holiday CARE Initiative + Gifts Under $25

H&M care
This post was brought to you by H&M. All opinions are my own.

Happy Friday! It's no secret that the holiday season is upon us. From maxing out your credit card to prepping for your relatives, there's never a shortage of stressors during this time of year. Most of my holiday stress stems from buying gifts. I like to keep a tight budget during the holidays and finding the perfect gift with the right price tag can be no easy feat. But one of the easiest gifts that I'll be giving this year,  is the gift of giving back.

This year, the H&M Conscious Foundation has teamed up with CARE—a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty.  By working alongside women and girls, CARE helps them develop business opportunities to generate income, gain power and enhance self-esteem. H&M has created festive CARE gift labels, which are available online and in stores worldwide. For every set of CARE labels sold, the H&M Conscious Foundation will donate double the sale price to the CARE organization.

Check out a few of my favorite H&M gifts under $25 below and be sure to pick up some festive CARE gift labels to top of your gift and support the fight to end poverty!
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Style Scenario: Office Holiday Party

Style scenario office party
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Hey guys! Today I'm excited to share the second installment of Style Scenario. Last week we tackled Thanksgiving dinner, and this week it's all about the office holiday party. My office is pretty casual but I still like to throw on a "fancy" ensemble a few times out of the week. And a holiday party is no exception. My company hosts a more formal party during the holidays where everyone gets dressed up, eats gourmet appetizers and dances the night away. But some of the departments like to throw their own little gatherings with their specific teams, too. Since we're usually still at the office for these smaller parties, I still like to keep my attire office appropriate, but with a fun twist.